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Book Cover Design

High Level Summary

After Sam loses his older brother, Nick, in a school shooting, he must deal with the loss while figure out how to handle the changing world around him - different friends, new rules at school, a growing rift between his parents, and a picture of him at a protest going viral for the wrong reasons. 

The Project


Arcadia art students have collaborated to create book covers for the manuscripts written by students in the Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Program in Creative Writing as part of a cross-disciplinary project. The project was spearheaded by Christian Patchell, adjunct professor of Visual and Performing Arts, as well as being a student in the MFA Creative Writing Program.


Undergraduate students in Patchell’s Typography course worked with MFA students to create cover work that represents the stories on the page. Patchell remarked that he was most impressed by the cooperation and investment both the cover-designers and the authors showed in the experience.


“I am always looking for ways to cross-pollinate and collaborate,” Patchell said. “Having the Typography students work hand-in-hand with the MFA Creative Writing students seemed like a wonderful way to put the new designers together with new authors.”

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